Hey guys,
it’s ya boy

Welcome to ksiolajidebt.com, home of one of the funniest, blackest guys on YouTube!

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Who is KSI?

Hey guys, it's ya boy KSIOlajidebt, I know weird name right. Well KSI was a halo clan I used to be in (just can't be arsed to change it back), Olajide is my name, and BT stands for British Telecom… yeah… random I know.

I started making videos back in 2006 actually. Back then the PC was cool haha (Here comes the PC elites), but I began to lose interest after a while, especially since the PC version wasn't getting anywhere (I also got my account banned after uploading family guy on youtube, back then, that was a huge no no!). It was only in 2010 when I started making videos again. I loved FIFA, and I loved doing skills (I mean I really really really loved doing skills), and I always felt that there was some goals and tricks that I was doing (while I wasn't recording), which I thought was cool enough to show people on the Internet. Without a doubt though, two guys really inspired me, Hjerpseth and Wepeeler. These two guys deserve a huge amount of respect. So I decided to buy a Hauppage and started recording again. And that was that for my skilling days.

Near the middle of FIFA 11, I delved into commentating. Mind you this wasn't the first commentary I did. I had a video on Machinima Sports which I would much rather forget. Nevertheless, my break through with commentary came from me complaining about how retarded defenders were in FIFA 11 and me obliterating the FIFA 12 trailer to shreds with my sarcasm hehe. And from then on, I worked hard, making videos to entertain and building quite a large audience who like my content! I'd never be where I am without you guys!

I’d never be where I am without
you guys!

The continuous support of the #ksiarmy across YouTube, Twitter, and everything else is the reason that I’m able to do what I love.

How can I get in touch?

At the beginning I was able to answer everyone who commented, tweeted, and emailed me, and I wish I still could, but I'm a busy guy and there are so many of you guys – nearly three and a half million on YouTube, and three quarters of a million on Twitter! I’m, though, always on Twitter, so why not drop me a tweet and if you’re in the right place at the right time (or it’s really damn funny), you’ll get your reply!

If you’re looking to get in touch about business then drop me an email – business(at)ksiolajidebt(dot)com, but please only email me about business, it won’t get read if it isn’t.

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You can see that I’m Beasting,
No sleep!

Collaborating on No Sleep with Sway was an incredible experience. Give it a listen or buy it on iTunes.

Music and TV

I’m black so obviously I rap, and I've made the odd TV appearance as well. Sway, Tigger da Author, Tubes, and I went top 40 with No Sleep, and I've done a few football rap battles and a tune about Heskey with Randolph.

I’ve been on TV a few times – BT Sport, and BBC to name just a few.

If you want to get in touch about collaborating on a track, or interviewing me on TV then drop me an email – business(at)ksiolajidebt(dot)com, or if you've got an idea for song then why not drop me a Tweet.